KING F8 Combo Set

The KING F8 Combo Set is the ideal setup to gap your game perfectly with a combination of irons and a forgiving F8 hybrid, all in one easy-to-hit set.

Stock Set Composition: 5H, 6-GW (7 Clubs)

  • What it is

    The industry's first electronically enabled combo set features 6 irons and 1 hybrid. Innovative iron and hybrid constructions work in unison with COBRA CONNECT™ Technology to deliver exceptional performance while tracking your distance, accuracy and improvements round to round.

  • Who it's for

    5 to 25 handicap golfers with moderate to higher swing speeds seeking an all-in-one, easy-to-hit combo set that delivers high launch paired with maximum distance and forgiveness.

  • Why we made it

    A faster PWRSHELL™ face design is paired with 100% carbon fiber medallions to deliver the ultimate fusion of distance and a soft, yet solid feel not typically found in a distance iron. The low CG design of the KING F8 hybrid delivers more speed and forgiveness, making it the perfect substitute for long irons in the set.

F8 Combo Grass Laydown


  • One Hybrid: 5H (Graphite), Six Irons: 6-PW, GW (Graphite)

ClubLoft / Trajectory
LieLength*Swing WeightStock
5 H 25° 59° 39.00" D0 S, R, Lite RH/LH

Iron Loft Lie Offset
Swing Weight
Swing Weight
6 25.5° 62.0° 4.4 38.00" 38.00" D0 D1 RH/LH
7 29.5° 62.5° 4.0 37.50" 37.50" D0 D1 RH/LH
8 34.0° 63.0° 3.7 37.00" 37.00" D0 D1 RH/LH
9 39.0° 63.5° 3.4 36.50" 36.50" D0 D1 RH/LH
PW 44.0° 64.0° 2.9 36.25" 36.25" D1 D2 RH/LH
GW 49.0° 64.0° 1.0 36.00" 36.00" D1 D2 RH/LH
*Lengths based on COBRA CONNECT gripped length. Standard gripped length will be .25" shorter.
Aldila Rogue Pro 75
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
Aldila Rogue Pro 75 Stiff 78g Mid 3.9 Mid Mid 0.370
Aldila Rogue Pro 75 Regular 76g Mid 4.3 Mid Mid 0.370
Aldila Rogue Pro 75 Lite / Senior 74g Mid 4.3 Mid Mid 0.370

Aldila Rogue Pro 65
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
Aldila Rogue Pro 65 Stiff 67g Mid Mid Mid 0.370
Aldila Rogue Pro 65 Regular 65g Mid Mid Mid 0.370
Aldila Rogue Pro 65 Lite / Senior 63g Mid Mid Mid 0.370

COBRA Lamkin REL 360 Connect - Nardo

COBRA Lamkin REL 360 (Tour Taper) Connect - Nardo

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