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The King Copper Iron Series

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Elegant designs with an edge. Three unique shapes (RF Forged MB, Tour, and Forged TEC) are crafted to take your game to the next level and each feature a stunning copper finish that is as classy as it is edgy. Whether you desire the highest level of precision, soft feel, or added forgiveness, the KING Copper Series has an iron for you.

Copper Irons Side-By-Side
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King RF Forged MB

The KING RF Forged MB Copper Irons are an evolution of the Limited-Edition RF Proto Iron into Cobra's mainline KING iron family. Designed for highly skilled players, the irons feature the same signature shape designed by Rickie Fowler.

5 Step Forging Process

Each iron is forged 5 times from a block of 1025 carbon steel to deliver a tighter grain structure that provides the exceptional feel that better players desire.

Tungsten Weight
Tungsten Weight


Per Rickie's request, a tungsten weight is positioned out on the toe to center the CG for the purest and most precise shots with a little bit of added stability.

Tungsten Toe Weight
King Forged MB 1
King Forged MB 2
King Forged MB 3
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King Tour

The KING Tour Copper irons utilize Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Technology to deliver the soft feel of a forging with a quicker and more efficient manufacturing method. This revolutionary process allows us to produce the most precise iron shape with the softest feel.

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King Tour 1
King Tour 2
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King Forged Tec

The KING Forged TEC Copper irons feature a hollow construction, forged PWRSHELL Face, and tungsten weighting to create our longest and most forgiving iron in the family with a muscle back shape that appeals to better players.

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Forged Tec 1
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Play the right iron
for your game.

Whether you desire a traditional forged muscle back shape, a players cavity back, or a hollow iron for added distance and forgiveness, the KING Copper Series has an iron for you.

Copper Iron Compare Drivers
King Forged MB King Tour King Forged Tec
HANDICAP 0-3 0-9 5-15
SHAPE Most Compact MB Shape Compact CB Shape Traditional Hollow Shape
CONSTRUCTION 5-Step Forged Metal Injection Molded (MIM) Cast Body & Forged PWRSHELL Face
OFFSET No Offset Minimal Offset Slightly More Offset
SOLE WIDTH Most Narrow Sole Width Narrow Sole Width Traditional Sole Width
LAUNCH Mid-Low Launch Mid-Launch Mid-High Launch
PERFORMANCE Tour Caliber Forged Irons Designed
For Precision & Control
Soft Feel With Shot Making Precision Distance & Forgiveness With Precision
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